Have you ever walked into hairdressers with a photo of a style you want?👩‍🎤

One of the biggest mistakes I notice with some clients is a desire to compare themselves to others. I truly believe the issue of wanting to look like someone else you may be following on social media is a growing trend and can lead to negative and unrealistic expectations. 

So here’s why you may be setting yourself up for a fall if this sounds like you:

💩 Genetics will play a key role. 
We are often dealt the hand with are given by our parents. Therefore it’s important to work with your natural physique to achieve a realistic body shape.

💩 Training Age.
If you are brand new to fitness it’s not great for a positive mindset to compare yourself to someone that has been 10+ years of training behind them. Often the best physiques we see, are those whose full-time job it is to look amazing and have been perfecting it for many years.

💩 Lifestyle.
Leading on from this unless you are on speed dial with your social media role model, how will you know how much time they average in the gym or the finer details of their nutrition and lifestyle? You may be a busy mother of two who barely has time to brush her teeth let alone spend hours on end in the gym sculpting the perfect physique. Plus even if you’re training hard, if you’re not fuelling your body effectively you’re not going to see those changes.

The amount of stress you can realistically put yourself through in the gym will have an inverse relationship with stress imposed on yourself through lifestyle. If you are unhappy at work, live in an unhappy relationship and have financial issues then putting yourself through a vigorous training workload on-top is probably the worst thing you could do. You will 100% not get results until these are addressed let alone look like the tv star or model who more than likely at the other end of the spectrum.

So the bottom line is there is nothing wrong with aspirations but remain realistic with expectations and goals and once again there is nothing wrong with being the best version of you!