Welcome to January's REBOOT 6-Week Challenge!

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We are so excited that you're joining us for our January 6-Week REBOOT Challenge.

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Data Collection: Before Photo, Measurements & Weight


  • Take a minimum of 3 images, front, side and back.
  • Use good lighting.
  • Use the timer on phone and position camera at chest height.
  • Take first thing in the morning.
  • Please take your photos in underwear/bikini.

Measurements in cm's - sites to measure:

  • Belly button
  • Hips
  • Chest
  • Arm
  • Thigh

Scale weight - We are not using scale weight as a primary indicator of success, because progress photos and measurements tell a much greater story, however we do need to know your weight in kilograms to determine your daily macros and calorie intake for the challenge.

Submit your measurements, weight and images here => https://forms.gle/zfWhBt2GTwMpghcV7 

Taking Your Check In Photos

Taking Your Measurements

Calculating Your Daily Macros & Calorie Intake

During this 6-week challenge we're taking a calorie first approach to your nutrition with a PRIMARY focus on hitting your daily protein.

If followed, the calculation below will put you in a calorie deficit, which is when weight loss occurs.

Step 1: Weigh yourself in Kilograms

Step 2: Head to the meal planner sheet below (select either Google Sheets OR Excel)

Step 3: Enter your weight in KG into the table to get your initial macro calculations (as per video instruction in welcome video)

Over and above everything else your primary goal for this challenge is to aim to hit your protein target every single day.

Your REBOOT Challenge Downloads!

Supporting Videos

Cardio & Steps Guide

How To Use The Meal Tracker

Things To Consider


To maximum results, during the 6-week challenge ideally avoid alcohol altogether. However if you do decide to have a drink, calories will need to be removed from your day to compensate. 


To maximum results, during the 6-week challenge consider avoiding dairy altogether.  However if you cannot bear to drink tea or coffee without (see below), try to keep to the absolute minimum, because: 

    • Dairy can be a very common cause of inflammation, often due to the presence of A1 casein
    • For many the lactose in cow’s milk can be difficult to digest, which can display symptoms such as nausea, cramps, gas, bloating, and diarrhea


    • Have two coffees/teas per day, preferably black. However let's not be obsessive here. If you really like a dash of milk in your tea or coffee then, by all means, include it. However, do not let this then creep up to 3 coffees and 3 teas, all with milk.
    • If you do end up having a cappuccino or latte etc, then this needs to be as part of your overall calorie intake.
    • Switch to decaf options after 12-noon to ensure you have the best change of a good nights sleep.

Eating out

To maximum results, during the 6-week challenge ideally you want to avoid eating out... BUT if you do, the following guidelines are to empower you to make positive choices to avoid sabotaging your goals 🙂

    • Decide ahead of time what sorts of things you will look for on the menu and what questions and requests you may want to make to the staff.
    • Build your meal around the protein first. So choose a steak, a piece of fish, poultry, or something similar. Ideally we want to select a meal where we know what has gone into making it.
    • Beware of sauces/dressings that will add calories in the form of sugar and/or fat. The best strategy is to ask for the sauce or the dressing on the side. If you are happy with sauce/dressing you choice to add what you want and know how much you are having.
    • Ask for veggies to be made without butter or oil - once again so you know how much goes into your food.
    • If it is a non-carb meal, then simply ask the waiter to replace the carb (e.g. rice or fries) with extra veggies.
    • If it is one of your carb meals then do not opt for carb sources with other ingredients added such as chips of sticky rice.